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Data Modeling Made Simple: A Practical Guide for Business and IT Professionals, 2nd Edition

Data Modeling Made Simple will provide the business or IT professional with a

practical working knowledge of data modeling concepts and best practices. This

book is written in a conversational style that encourages you to read it from

start to finish and master these ten objectives:

  1. Know when a data model is needed and which type of data model is most effective for each situation

  • Read a data model of any size and complexity with the same confidence as reading a book

  • Build a fully normalized relational data model, as well as an easily navigatable dimensional model

  • Apply techniques to turn a logical data model into an efficient physical design

  • Leverage several templates to make requirements gathering more efficient and accurate

  • Explain all ten categories of the Data Model Scorecard

  • Learn strategies to improve your working relationships with others

  • Appreciate the impact unstructured data has, and will have, on our data modeling deliverables

  • Learn basic UML concepts

  • Put data modeling in context with XML, metadata, and agile development

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