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Forever Loved


Words can't begin to describe our amazing Sergio. This memorial website is a small representation of the positive impact Sergio left on the world and all who were fortunate enough to be a part of it. His illuminating spirit, inquisitive personality and infectious laugh were what set him apart. Ask anyone who knew him and they would tell you, Sergio's kindness was above all else what made him a joy to be around. If you were ever the recipient of his digging prodding jokes, you were in his inner circle.

To begin, Sergio Luiz De Moraes Jr. was born May 18th, 1991 in the beautiful southern Brazilian city of Joinville, to his mother (Cleide) and Father (Sergio Sr.). Sergio was born the middle child to his older brother (Wladimir) and younger brother (Filippe).

Sergio grew up and went up to college at Santa Catarina State University (Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, UDESC) in Joinville for computer science until his next adventure came along. This thrive for adventure soon turned to the United States. After teaching himself (!!) English, he applied and was approved for the United States au pair program where he began working with the Orrico family of five in West Bloomfield, Michigan in January 2014.

It was shorty after moving to Michigan that Sergio met his soon-to-be husband (Alex) in May 2014 and was married in July 2015.

After the au pair program ended, Sergio became a data management professional working in data governance. In his words, "I like to spend my time thinking about technology and how it influences our lives." This passion is shown best through his website ( where he shares is personal thoughts around technology, data, and projects.

Along with working in data governance, Sergio was also a part time model. Picking up where he left off on his childhood modeling in Brazil.
Sergio prided himself on being very healthy and fit and it showed.

After 5 years living in the U.S., one of Sergio's proudest moment took place when he was naturalized as a citizen of the United States on Dec. 20th 2019. 

Sergio's interests and lust for adventure spanned many different subjects. From bouldering & fitness, to Magic the Gathering, 3D printing and building his own PC!, he always was curious and and always creating. 

By viewing "Sergio's Library" section, you will gain further insight into Sergio's interests. Sergio had a ravenous appetize for reading. He often read every night and often the subject was fantasy, sci-fi and anime! You will see a vast collection of authors such as J.R.R Tolken, Neil Gaiman, Edgar Allen Poe, and comics such a Sandman, Full Metal Alchemist, Locke & Key among many others. You will also find strategic novels on Dudgeons and Dragons along with non fiction titles centered around data governance and operating systems such as Linux and Python.

Sergio loved adventure. Though the form of online gaming he created and explored the depths of imagination and welcomed anyone to join him on his journey and quest. Known through his nickname SENUX_DRUID, He was the first to send words of encouragement to all his fellow gamers (not withstanding a little playful rousing thrown in). Though not posting nearly enough videos of his game play, you can find select videos of Sergio gaming via his twitch account In his own words, "I'm an amateur gamer that likes to try different games...I'm here to have a good time and try to make others have some fun as well! Come check out my fail attempts at looking cool".

I hope this webpage is just the beginning and that it inspires you to keep Sergio in your life by remembering the impact he left on all of us. His infectious joy illumined all who were lucky to be around him. Let that memory be the shining light that brings joy to your life and your loved ones. Let this bring positive impact to all who are in your life like Sergio did for all who were in his.
I for one know Sergio is now on a new quest. On an adventure though the depths of the universe, waiting for us to join him again. 

- His loving husband, Alex

P.S. if there are memories of your life brightened by Sergio that you would like to share and make apart of this memorial page, please feel free to reach out to me!
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